Things To Keep In Mind While Consuming Cannabis

Everything has a first time, and so does the act of trying cannabis. If you are also swept up by the popularity of cannabis and planning to consume it, there are a few things you need to know and keep in mind. From looking at the signs of Cannabis Deficiencies for checking the weed’s potency to managing the dose, pace, and route of its consumption according to your need, you have to pay attention to all. Following are a few things you might want to keep in mind for your first-time cannabis; try to make the experience worthwhile.

3 Things To Keep In Mind While Consuming Cannabis For The First Time

  • Quality Check Your Cannabis

The first thing you need to focus on is getting your hands on quality weed and cannabis products. Whether you are planning to smoke dry cannabis flowers as weed or trying processed cannabis products like vape oils, capsules, gummies or tinctures, etc., always ensure they are safe and potent. Many vendors are out in the market selling contaminated or low-quality cannabis products.

  • Spot Cannabis Deficiency 

If you are growing your Cannabis inside your house or in the backyard, you might want to look for cannabis deficiency in your plant. Hemp is a resilient plant, but even it needs proper nutrition and care to produce quality and potent flowers.

Like other living organisms, even plants show physical symptoms when there is some deficiency. If the cannabis plants have yellow, brown, or purple spots, it indicates nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus deficiency. Besides discoloration, withering of root tips and curling and drooping of leaves also suggest cannabis deficiency.  

Not everyone grows their cannabis plant in the backyard; in such cases, you will have to buy your Cannabis from vendors online or local store sellers. The lack of regulations in the cannabis business enables many bogus sellers to enter the market with low-quality and contaminated products.

Make sure that your product is free of contamination and highly potent. Many reliable vendors will provide you with a certificate of Analysis (CoA) and third-party testing reports of their cannabis products to prove their potency and claims. So, choose wisely.

Cannabis has psychoactive substances like THC, which causes the high effect that many users experience, and CBD, which also impacts the body. For a comfortable, relaxing experience, it is crucial that you consume Cannabis in a proper and administered dose. Following are a few things you might consider while determining the dose.

  • Why You Want to Use Cannabis

The experience you desire plays a significant role in determining your cannabis dose. Different quantities have different results, whether you want a high trip euphoric experience, or you are taking Cannabis for medicinal purposes like alleviating pain and depression, or you want an energizing, relaxing, and stress-relieving experience.    

  • Check The Cannabinoid Profile

Cannabis contains numerous cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBC, etc., and terpenes. A cannabinoid profile of any product will tell the concentration of these cannabinoids in the product. Knowing THC and CBD percentages is necessary before consumption. Some people might consume Cannabis purely for therapeutic purposes and want to avoid THC due to its side effects and risks. High CBD concentration with traces of THC is quite famous for such cases. High THC means high potency and long-lasting effects for those looking for pleasurable and euphoric experiences.

Start low and go slow is the mantra for cannabis starters. You should start from a small dose of 2 mg to 3 mg and then gradually move on to a bigger one. The 2 mg dose might not provide you with the desired effects, but it’s better to start safe than to start big. Cannabis in high doses can provoke discomfort and side effects like anxiety and nausea.  Start with a low THC content product and get comfortable knowing your limits. Once you get used to it, you can move on to slightly bigger doses.

  • Edibles, Tinctures, or Smoking It 

You should know that the route of your cannabis consumption also impacts your experience, and Cannabis is metabolized differently through different routes. Beginners can be inclined toward edibles like the best CBD gummies or capsules as they might not like the hassle and side effects of smoking. You should know edibles cannabis have a more substantial and long-lasting impact, but they take longer than tinctures and vapes to show full results.

If smoked, on the other hand, the effects are faster and milder as the cannabinoids enter the lungs. CBD tinctures for instance, are quite popular among cannabis users as they enter directly into the bloodstream and have immediate effects on the brain.

  • Be Aware And Follow The Precautions

Consuming Cannabis might be a fun experience if done cautiously. You can take all measures to make your first time a great experience, but one also needs to follow proper precautions to make it a safe experience. 

  • No Cognitive Activities 

The day you are consuming Cannabis, clear your whole day schedule. You might experience drowsiness, fatigue, or extreme euphoria and might not be fit for cognitive activities. Because once it affects your brain, you are advised not to do high-risk activities like driving, diving, or skiing.   

  • Do Not Mix it With Alcohol

Alcohol, along with Cannabis, might sound like a perfect recipe for a relaxed and fun trip to euphoria land, but it is not. THC sometimes has certain side effects, and mixing it with Alcohol can heighten those unpleasant effects like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.; drinking before and after taking Cannabis can also destroy the whole experience. So, avoid taking Alcohol with Cannabis.

Final Thoughts

One thing about Cannabis you must be most cautious of is its dependence potential. Cannabis has many enjoyable and therapeutic effects on consumers, but long-term consumption also has severe side effects and a risk of addiction. A large dose and long-term administration of THC can impact cognition and increase the risks of seizures. You might also have to deal with withdrawal symptoms as well. So, it is better that you do not lose count and keep a check on the frequency of your consumption. Small amounts with long breaks are what you are aiming for.

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